Chairman’s Reserve 1931 is a tribute to the rum philosophy and craft established by Denis Barnard. This flagship product is a  blend of distillates from St. Lucia Distillers Coffey still and three copper Pot Stills, aged in Bourbon casks from 7 to 12 years. Ninety percent of the blend is traditional molasses rum, while ten percent is agricultural rum Pot distilled from sugarcane grown at St. Lucia Distillers.

TASTING NOTES: Vibrant medium gold core with bronze rim. Sweet raisins with definite toasty oak notes, leather, spice and tobacco on the nose. Rich sultana fruit with hints of crème caramel and buttery oak on the palate. A long complex finish – at first sweet raisin fruit then dry and tannic from the oak. A hint of grassy aromatic sweetness from the sugar cane distillate gives a unique, hedonistic but balanced element to the rum.

Aged Rum | 750ml | 46% ABV | St. Lucia

100% of 100


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