Rhum J.M. Blanc | 80 Proof


J.M 80 Proof is perfectly balanced to bring a true and fresh experience to the cocktail experience. The palate entry is preceded with a bulbous bouquet of white pepper and lilies, which give way to grilled pineapples, green banana, raspberry, and warm biscuits throughout the mouth and slowly moves into a long and dry finish.

The unique terroir of the volcanic soil is ever present as minerality collides with honey and cane flowers in this highly mixable blanc agricole rhum. This is the bartender's go-to well rhum agricole and works in a wide variety of different cocktail applications.

Nose: Overwhelming aromas of fresh lime, honey, and cane flower are balanced with more savory vegetal notes and a beautiful expression of anise - unique to Rhum J.M.

Palate: Round and sweet on the palate, honey and cane flowers really shine through. The stewed banana and grilled pineapple, the signature of Rhum J.M, is ever present as well as the unmistakable vegetal and mineral undertones.

White Rum | 1 Liter | 40% ABV | Martinique

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